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Upcoming USSSA & GSL events:

​Dec 30th @ Victory Lane:                    USSSA Men's & Womens $300 Entry

Jan 5th-7th @ BLD (Vegas):                2018 EASTON WINTER NATIONALS

Jan 6th (Glendale):                               Men's E Event (E ONLY) 3GG @ Sahauro

Jan 20th-21st (PHX/MESA):                 GSL/USSSA Super DUAL HUGE PRIZES/POINTS 50+ teams

Feb 3rd @ Pioneer Park:                      Men's GSL one day event

Feb 10th-11th @ Pioneer/Rio:             SW INVITE, Championship NIT, E NIT 

​Feb 24th-25th @ Sahuaro/Pioneer:   GSL EVENT (Uppers and Lowers)

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